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Three hard to prove conjectures from Alexander R. Povolotsky

1) n! + prime(n) != m^k (so far proven only for the case when k=2)

2) n! + n^2 != m^2 (so far proven only for the case when n is prime number)

3) n! + Sum(j^2, j=1, j=n) != m^2 (so far no proof)

where != means "not equal" and k,m,n are integers

7901234568 / 9876543210 * 1234567890 = 0987654312

24/Pi = sum((30*k+7)binom(2k,k)^2(Hypergeometric2F1[1/2 - k/2, -k/2, 1, 64])/(-256)^k, k=0...infinity)

Another version of this identity is: Sum[(30*k+7)Binomial[2k,k]^2(Sum[Binomial[k-m,m]*Binomial[k,m]*16^m,{m,0,k/2}])/(-256)^k,{k,0,infinity}]

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