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Having more than 12 years of experience in software development and testing, I currently work as SDE 2 at Microsoft on the ".NET Compiler Platform" project (a.k.a. "Roslyn") — the next generation of managed C# and VB.NET compilers, programming language tools and IDE. Among other things, my job involves participation in design of type systems and new language features, checking them for soundness and their actual implementation and testing.

I am also a member of TC49-TG2 (Ecma standardization committee for C#), currently working on the next version of the international standard Ecma-334.

Although I am not a professional mathematician, I hold a degree in theoretical physics, and I am very passionate about mathematics, especially about evaluation of integrals, sums and products in a closed form, foundations of mathematics, order theory, type theory, computability theory, graph theory and combinatorics.

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Feel free to contact me at <ɯoɔ·ןᴉɐɯᵷ(ʇɐ)ʌoʞᴉuʇǝɥsǝɹ·ʌ>

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