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General non-sense:

Mostly I teach here. I want to encourage beginning students to think for themselves, so I use a lot of hints and comments. More advanced questions I often just answer.

However, I don't do 1-on-1 chat. Don't ask. My answers and comments are for all to see, so I don't like to hide them. Also I feel that entering a chatroom carries with it an obligation to continue an on-line discussion, and then I would not be using my time on my own terms.

Relevant personal history:

PhD from Notre Dame in '90.

Drifted from representation theory of algebraic groups to applications of algebra into telecommunications, mostly coding theory, and lately mostly teaching at college level.

3 graduate students with awarded PhDs

I have mostly worked at our local University at Turku, Finland. At one point I tried working for Nokia Research Center. It was ok, but an old dog didn't learn all the tricks, and then they downsized, so I returned to the Uni as a tenured lecturer.

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