The questions about recommendation of books/texts/lecture notes for some topic are to some extent subjective and they will often be left without accepting an answer (since among several good recommendations it is difficult to single out one of them as "the correct one").

So it seems that this argument from Qiaochu's answer applies here:

The question is asking for a list of examples. In this case I think it makes sense to use the voting system as a way to rank the answers, and it's easier to do this if the question is CW because then votes do not affect reputation, so they are more honestly judgments of the answer than of the answerer.

On the other hand this point from an answer to a question at meta.SO seems reasonable to me, too.

Even if there is more than one valid answer (in open-ended questions), individual answers may still have value, and so they deserve the rep gain when they're upvoted. Marking such a question CW just discourages people from putting any effort into their answers.

I'd be glad to find out opinion of members of MSE community on this.

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My opinion: it should be CW, unless you expect there is only one correct answer. For example: "What was the first calculus textbook to develop the trig functions starting from their differential equations?"

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