Extraction of mathematical expressions with OCR would enormously help communication like here.

  1. Is it possible do?

  2. Is there some way easily to write into LaTex without keyboard?

  3. Is there some way to make mathematical writing into Math SE easier?


Here's a related discussion on TeX.SE: http://tex.stackexchange.com/questions/1443/what-is-the-status-of-generating-latex-from-handwriting-i-e-ocr

This particular tool called Web Equation does a rather remarkable job for a lot of mathematics expressions. Unfortunately it looks like it may be more intended for interaction with Tablets instead of scanned documents.

...wow that is interesting, thanks for sharing the info +1. I did not realize there are more people on this problem, cool. – hhh Feb 26 '12 at 23:32

In general, recognizing handwriting and turning it into text is very hard for computers, and depending on the handwriting nigh impossible. Throwing math symbols into the mix makes this almost certainly unfeasible at this point for any computer, much less for the servers that run math.SE to casually do every time they come across a picture. I'm afraid this really is a pony request (for those who don't know: a request that isn't going to happen, so you might as well ask for a pony too).


By this thread suggested here, I was able to found the below details. I have so far investigated the hot European names but the thread also mentions some Japanese research so probably taking some time to really understand the status of this research. The key terms are OCR, cluster-analysis, feature-extraction, feature-selection, image-processing, pre-processingg, decision-making -- Wikipedia article outlining things here and SE threads below.

Rigorous and mostly mathematical

  • Adademic papers outlined here

Practical problems, mostly education -related

Programming biased

  • OCR related info here, here -- relating to things such as OCR engines eg. Tesseract

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